I’ve been working with Sitecore for many years now and there is always one thing I see being overlooked when creating components and setting up Experience Editor… That one thing is Experience Editor Buttons.

What are Experience Editor Buttons?

Experience Editor Buttons allow you to tag a custom button to a component which will then be present in the Experience Editor. They are easy to find in Sitecore as they are part of the rendering or sublayout; the options can be found just under the Compatible Renderings multilist. You can see from the screenshot the default options that come with your standard installation of Sitecore.

experience editor button default

Why Use Experience Editor Buttons?

The main use of Experience Editor Buttons allow you to enhance the user experience for a given component. There maybe some field options that are not available in Experience Editor and you have to edit the content via the Content Editor. This overall is not a good user experience. This is where Experience Editor Buttons help solve those problems and improve the customer’s experience with Sitecore.

How to create Experience Editor Button for a Component

Creating an Experience Editor Button is pretty straight forward. However, finding where to create them is a little bit tricky.

First you will need to switch over to the Core database and open the Content Editor, navigate to Sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/ Custom Experience Buttons or simply search for this item ID {DB662EDF-5965-4848-AD14-BA6BF0D55D1E}.

You will see in this folder all the default Experience Editor Button options available to you. Click “Insert from Template” and select Templates/System/WebEdit/Field Editor Button, enter a name for your button and this should give you something that looks like this:

experience editor button options

Switch back to the Master database, navigate to your component (in this case the default sample rendering) and select the newly create Experience Editor Button.

experience editor button added

Open Experience Editor, click on your component and you should see a new icon on the icon bar. Click the icon and you will see all the options available to you that were created in the Core database.

experience editor button in pageexperience editor button field options

This is a nice simple way of improving the customer’s experience in Sitecore Experience Editor and everything was done with out of the box functionality in Sitecore.

Thanks for reading and happy coding.

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